BrewBuilt® X3 Jacketed Uni Conical Fermenter | Premium Chilling Package | IceMaster Max 4

BrewBuilt® X3 Jacketed Uni Conical Fermenter | Premium Chilling Package | IceMaster Max 4

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  • The X3 Jacketed Conical and IceMaster Max 4 work hand in glove from yeast pitching to cold crashing
  • External cooling jacket with neoprene insulation allows for unparalleled temperature control for a homebrew fermenter
  • Max 4 glycol chiller with digital controllers and built-in submersible pumps provides quiet and efficient chilling
  • With room to connect up to 4 conicals, this package is perfect for brewers planning to expand their fermentation capacity over time
  • Insulated tubing sets eliminate line sweating and feature dry break quick disconnects at the cooling jacket connection points

The BrewBuilt Ultimate Chilling package includes everything you'll need to maintain a precise level of temperature control throughout the fermentation process. The X3 Jacketed Conical is second-to-none in homebrew-level cooling capabilities—mirroring the fermenter design that professional brewers have long relied on to keep their temperatures in check. And what better unit to provide the cooling solution than the IceMaster Max 4? This powerful glycol chiller has more than enough cooling capacity for your chosen X3 Conical with room to add an additional three fermenters down the road.

X3 Jacketed Uni Conical & IceMaster Max 4
The X3 Jacketed Uni Conical offers cutting edge design features that have long been reserved for pro-level fermentation tanks. Circulating cooling solution through an external cooling jacket offers superior cooling power when compared to internal cooling coils, and eliminates the need for cleaning a wonky apparatus after you've transferred out your finished beer. This pressurizable fermenter also sports a neoprene jacket for added insulation, Flex Chamber collection container for yeast harvesting or trub dumps, internal floating racking tube for clear beer transfers, and so much more! The IceMaster Max 4 makes for the perfect tag team partner, providing all the cooling capacity you'll need for up to four fermenters.

BrewBuilt Insulated Glycol Tubing Kit
In addition to the conical and chiller, the kit also includes an insulated tubing set that improves chilling efficiency and eliminates line sweating. The kit consists of:

  • 1 - Insulated Tubing Set (2 x 6' lines)
  • 2 - High Temp Plastic Female QDs w/ 3/8" Barb*
  • 2 - High Temp Plastic Male QDs w/ 1/2" MPT*
  • 2 - 1.5" Tri-Clamps
  • 2 - 1.5" T.C. Gaskets
  • 2 - 1.5" T.C. x 1/2" FPT Adapters

*These premium quick disconnects feature shutoff valves that provide a "dry break" when they're disconnected. That means no cooling solution leaking all over your brewery every time you take the system apart for cleaning. The Female QDs are installed on the insulated tubing, and the Male QDs are installed on the T.C. x FPT Adapters that connect to the cooling jacket's inlet and outlet.