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BrewBuilt™ Pressure Fermentation Kit

BrewBuilt™ Pressure Fermentation Kit

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With our Pressure Fermentation Kit, you can upgrade your X1 Uni Conical to conduct pressure fermentations. Our kit includes a Ball Lock Spunding Valve, professional 1 BAR tri-clamp PRV, and CellarScience FoamAxe krausen reducer. The spunding valve features a 0-15 psi pressure gauge and a hand adjustable blowoff to dial in your desired pressure setting. The pro PRV provides added safety when fermenting extra-large or high gravity batches where krausen may reach the lid of the fermenter. Fermenting under pressure will reduce esters and fusel alcohol production, and enable you to ferment lagers at ale fermentation temperatures. Not to mention your beer is already carbonated when it’s finished fermenting!

To use this kit, you will also need our Pressure Pack, which includes a 4" tri-clamp pressure lid with ball lock posts. The spunding valve installs on the gas-in ball lock post; the T.C. PRV replaces the Blowoff U Barb to seal the conical and protect the unit from over pressurization.


  • Ball Lock Spunding Valve
    • Stainless Torpedo Keg Gas-In Ball Lock
    • Pressure Gauge (0-1 BAR / 0-15 psi)
    • Hand Adjustable Blowoff
  • Tri-Clamp Pressure Relief Valve
    • 1.5" tri-clamp connection
    • Calibrated to 1 BAR (14.5 psi)
    • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • CellarScien FoamAxe anti foam krausen reducer


Caution: With our pressure fermentation kit attached to a BrewBuilt X1 Conical unit there are three points of pressure relief: the relief built into the lid, the relief on the spunding valve, and the commercial PRV (Pressure Relief Valve). You should always use FoamAxe to reduce krausen (foam)  production in the fermenter. If you do see krausen exiting any of the pressure relief valves, you need to immediately release the pressure in the fermenter, clean the relief valves, and ferment the rest of the batch without pressure.



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