BrewBuilt™ X-Series Uni Conical Heater

BrewBuilt™ X-Series Uni Conical Heater

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Keep your fermentation temperature stable by pairing the BrewBuilt X-Series Uni Conical with one of these silicone heaters. Designed to wrap around the conical portion of the tank, our pads will gently heat your fermenter from the bottom up to keep your yeast comfortable and working hard. A must-have for brewers living in colder climates or if you want the peace of mind that you can ferment ale or kveik strains no matter the time of year. Having a conical heater also comes in handy if you chilled your wort below yeast pitching temperature and want to warm it back up before pitching.

We always recommend pairing the heating pad with a temperature controller so it will only be powered on as needed. A dual stage temperature controller like the Inkbird is a great option for controlling both heating and cooling with a BrewBuilt CoolStix™.


  • For warmer climates, go one size down
  • For colder climates, go one size up
  • Safety Shut off: Stops at 120°F
  • Excess heat after flocculation can cause off-flavors from autolysis

Tested by our in-house engineers, we created a recommendation chart to help you choose the heater that best suits your conical.

Watts 5 Gal 10 Gal 20 Gal 1 BBL Min. Circumference Top Curve Length
40 Fits Fits Fits Fits 21.6" 20.1"
80 Recommended Fits Fits Fits 29.3" 27.8"
120 Fits Recommended Fits Fits 35.6" 34.1"
240 X X Recommended Recommended 46.75" 45.25"
500 X X Fits Fits 57.9" 56.4"