BrewBuilt® Boil Vigor Controller

BrewBuilt® Boil Vigor Controller

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  • 304 stainless steel splash resistant construction
  • Industrial design using commericial quality components for long life and easy serviceability
  • Digital power reading for precise repeatability. No more guessing if you found the sweet spot on the dial
  • Outlet fully disconnected when powered off for added safety, unlike some one-leg designs
  • Linear power control for better repeatability at low power settings
  • Wall mount bracket allows you to get the controller off the table and out of the way

Turn it up to 11 with the BrewBuilt Boil Vigor Controller! Our controller allows you to adjust the current of a 208-240V heating element up to 30 amps. Perfect for dialing in your boil vigor for more consistent boil-off rates or adjusting the heat input to a still wash pot. The controller works by adjusting the percentage of power delivered to the heating element. The power is increased in a linear fashion from 0 to 100% as you adjust the dial from 1 to 11. Featuring industrial-style power switch, dial knob, and digital amm meter mounted on a splash resistant stainless steel enclosure. Pre-cut mounting holes allow you to hang the controller on your brew stand on the wall at eye-level. We highly recommend mounting the controller so you don't have to worry about keeping an area of your table dry where you might lay it down. L6-30 connections with 4 ft. cords on either end. Compatible with all 208-240V elements 30 amps and lower. While L6-30 are the most common elements available, yours may need an adapter.

Our controller uses a generously overrated SSR with a very large fan-cooled heatsink for better reliability. An SSR's life expectancy is directly related to its operating temperature, so we built the lowest Q heat dissipation system offered to homebrewers. It includes a contactor to fully shut off both legs when you throw the power switch, making the free end of the cord safer when the element is not plugged in. The display gives you a reading of the actual current being consumed by your element in Amps. On some systems, a small change in the adjustment makes a large current change at the element, especially at lower settings used during hop stands and distillation. The BrewBuilt controller provides a linear control and a digital readout to eliminate the guessing, allowing you to focus on your process and not your equipment.

If you'd prefer not to mount the controller to your wall, consider the stainless steel Controller Stand.


**Caution: In order to avoid injury or death we strongly recommend using a GFCI in any circuit used near water. You can find one here.**