TC Kettle 15G

TC Kettle 15G

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Our best-selling Brew kettles, now available with 1.5" Tri-Clamp fittings!

Designed for Brewing. Built to Last. BrewBuilt brew kettles, made from 304 stainless steel, offer an unparalleled mix of features for their price range. At the very top of the list are two welded-in-place T.C. fittings that offer a lifetime of leak-free use.  As you can imagine, welding in a fitting costs more than punching a hole and using a gasketed (i.e. weld-less) fitting. Welded fittings offer a permanent connection that, in our opinion, is worth every penny.  The second unique feature about our brew kettles is the notched lid with silicone plug.  This notch allows you so much flexibility; you can use an immersion chiller, a Brewbuilt Ultimate Sparge Arm, tie off hop bags, take a temp reading during cooling, or whatever else we all can dream up.  

This Brew Kettle has a lot to offer...
Some other features we dig include the internal volume markers from the bottom to the top - so handy for instant reads.  The silicone sleeved handles on the kettle and the lid are a cool feature to protect your hands. The tri-clad bottom with a 4mm core of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel offers even heat distribution during the boil and also makes it a perfect choice for anyone wanting to use an induction burner.

Beefy 304 Stainless
These kettles are made from 304 grade stainless.  That means you will have less corrosion issues than with a kettle made from lower grade 201 type stainless. The iveted handles are also made of stainless steel for a lifetime of use.  The 10 and 15 gallon size are made from 1.0mm thick stainless steel. The 22, 31, and 50 gallon size are made with 1.2mm stainless - that's pretty thick stuff - and you will know it when you pick one up. 

We use a 1.2:1 ratio where the height is 1.2 times the diameter. This is a proven commercial ratio that has been adopted in homebrewing to achieve a more consistent 10% evaporation rate during the boil. 

Great Value
With welded fittings, a bunch of cool features, and a solid, thick 304 stainless steel core this kettle is a pretty amazing value. 


Features List at a Glance

  • Two welded 1.5" tri-clamp couplers for a lifetime of leak free use
  • Notched lid with silicone plug for flexibility
  • 304 Stainless construction for longevity
  • 1.0mm (10,15 gal) or 1.2mm (22,31,50 gal) thick side walls resists denting
  • 4mm Tri-Clad Aluminum bottom sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for no scorching
  • Internally etched volume markers from top to bottom for easy reading
  • Silicone coated handles for heat protection
  • 1.2:1 Ratio is optimal for boiling evaporation rate
  • Lid is designed to conveniently hang from a handle 
  • Stainless handles with stainless rivets for secure lifting
  • 15.75" Diameter x 18.9" Height



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